Accommodation in Padstow

Harbour Holidays has a number of beautiful self catering holiday cottages in and around Padstow. Many of the homes are located around the harbour and old town and all are within easy reach of some of North Cornwall’s most stunning beaches. Some of our holiday lets are also dog friendly. We have over 15 years’ experience of providing high quality holiday accommodation in Padstow and north Cornwall. And as a family business, we have a wealth of local knowledge to ensure we only offer you the best cottages available. See below for a list of properties currently available around Padstow.

Padstow Area
Located on the North Cornwall coast, Padstow is a beautiful, working fishing port.  It boasts the most picturesque harbour, coastline and spectacular scenery.  Its charm lies in its unique setting, nestling on the west side of the Camel estuary, well sheltered with quaint individual houses, cottages and shops all surrounding the busy harbour which draws visitors like a magnet.  The surrounding area is designated an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ (AONB) with lovely cliff and country walks and a choice several superb sandy beaches.

History of Padstow
Padstow was originally called Petroc-Stow owing to to the Welsh missionary St Petroc, who arrived in Trebetherick around 500AD. St Petroc is still remembered in the town, as the Parish Church still bears its name. From 1899 until 1967 Padstow railway station was the westernmost point of the former Southern Railway. The station was the terminus of an extension from Wadebridge of the former Bodmin and Wadebridge Railway. Until 1964, Padstow was served by the Atlantic Coast Express – a direct train service from London – but the station was closed in 1967. The old railway line has now become the Camel Trail – a very popular footpath and cycle path with a picturesque route skirting the River Camel. One of the railway mileposts can now be seen embedded outside the Shipwright’s Arms public house on the Harbour Front.

Padstow Harbour
The harbour is definitely the town’s main attraction. Fishing and pleasure boats are moored side by side, children fish for crabs from the slipway and a wealth of cafes and restaurants overlook the water. Traditionally a fishing port, Padstow is now a popular tourist destination. Some of its former fishing fleet remains, but it is now mainly a welcome yachting haven situated on a dramatic coastline with few easily navigable harbours. The influence of restaurateur Rick Stein can be seen in the port, and tourists travel from long distances to eat at his restaurant or cafes.

Padstow Town and Streets
Don’t spend all your time at the harbour though. Walk around the quaint corners and crooked byways of Padstow and you will find the historic Parish Church, Prideaux Place, The Deer Park, several welcoming pubs and inns, a choice of restaurants including the famous Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant, plus a variety of shops to potter about in.

Padstow Restaurants
There are numerous restaurants in Padstow which we have listed in more detail on our Eating Out in Padstow page, but some of the most popular and well know of these include the following:

  • Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant
  • Rick Stein’s St Petroc’s Bistro
  • Rick Stein’s Cafe
  • Paul Ainsworth at Number 6

Click here for more details of the restaurants in Padstow

The Hawker’s Cove and Crugmeer Area
Hawkers Cove is a small hamlet situated about two miles from Padstow consisting of two terraces of cottages, a few detached dwellings, a coastguard station and a boathouse with a slipway which once housed the Padstow lifeboat and has now been converted into an holiday home. The first lifeboat, built by the Padstow Harbour Association, was kept at Hawker’s Cove and in 1855 the Padstow branch of the RNLI was formed. A new boathouse with a roller slipway was built in 1931. By the 1960s, silting was becoming a problem and in October 1967 the Padstow lifeboat relocated to a new boathouse and slipway at Trevose Head, a few miles to the west. The row of Pilot Cottages opposite the Old Lifeboat Station are also historic, having originally built as cottages for the crews of the pilot gig boats.

The Tregella Area
Tregella is a small courtyard development of twelve barn conversions, originally part of Tregella Farm and now lovely holiday homes in a truly rural and peaceful location with views across miles of countryside and situated approximately 2 miles from Padstow. 

Our Self Catering Holiday Cottages:

Self Catering Cottages in Hawkers Cove, Crugmeer and Tregella

Sleeping up to 6
3 Pilot Cottages, Hawkers Cove - Parking
10 Tregella Farm Cottages, Tregella – Parking
Undertown Cottage, Crugmeer – Dog friendly & parking

Sleeping up to 10
The Old Lifeboat Station, Hawkers Cove - Parking

Padstow Self Catering Holiday Cottages

Sleeping up to 2:
Portloe, Padstow – Dog friendly

3* Gold Award

Dennis Farm Apartment, Padstow – Parking
Grocer John’s Flat B, Padstow
Grove Cottage, Padstow
Gulland, Padstow – Dog friendly and parking
The Loft at Ocean One, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking permit

4* Gold Award
Sandy’s Flat, Padstow
Writers Cottage, Padstow

Sleeping up to 3:
Rose Cottage, Padstow- Dog friendly
4* Gold Award
Fishermans Cottage, Padstow

Sleeping up to 4:
12 Sarahs Court, Padstow – Parking
2 The Strand, Padstow – Dog friendly
25 Sarahs View, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
3 The Red Brick Building, Padstow – Parking
Serendipity, Padstow (Sleeps 4adults + 2children) – Dog friendly
The Sail Loft, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
Teazers, Padstow – Parking
3* Gold Award
6 Strand Street, Padstow
Seaside House, Padstow - Parking

1 Sarahs View, Padstow – Parking
4 The Red Brick Building, Padstow – Parking
6 The Old Boatyard, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
Bobbins, Padstow - Parking
Coxswain’s Cottage, Padstow
Crab Cottage, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
Crenella Barn, Padstow – Parking
Grocer John’s Flat A, Padstow
Honey Cottage, Padstow
Lobster House, Padstow
Maypole Cottage, Padstow – Dog friendly
Mevagh, Padstow
Oyster Cottage, Padstow – Parking
Pebble Cottage, Padstow – Parking
Pentire, Padstow, Dog friendly & Parking
Porth Cottage, Padstow - Parking
Rosehill Cottage, Padstow – Dog friendly
Stepper, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking

4* Gold Award
2 The Red Brick Building, Padstow - Parking
25 Old School Court, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
35 Duke Street, Padstow
Cider Cottage, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
Estuary View, North Quay, Padstow - Parking
Marys Flat, Padstow – Parking
Rockaway Beach, Padstow - Parking
Sea Sharp, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
The Moorings, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
Hidden Cottage, Padstow – Parking
5* Gold Award
2 Samphire, Padstow – Parking
8 Samphire, Padstow - Parking
12 Samphire, Padstow – Parking
Sage Cottage, Padstow

Sleeping up to 5:
The Old Coach House, Padstow – Parking
Halyards, Padstow - Parking
Rock View, Padstow- Dog friendly
The Harbour Coach House, Padstow

Sleeping up to 6:
23 Egerton Road, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
Dingly Dell, Padstow – Parking
Dove Cottage, Padstow
Exbury House, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
The Drang, Padstow – Parking permit
3 Fentonluna Lane, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
5 Little Dinas, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
Honeysuckle Cottage, Padstow – Parking
Pensers, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
Seashells, 3 Glynn Road, Padstow – Parking
Sunnyhill Cottage, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
4* Gold Award
1 High Street, Padstow – (Sleeps up to 6 adults + 2 children) – Parking
12 Meadow Court, Padstow – Parking
14 Glynn Road, Padstow
17 Netherton Road, Padstow - Dog friendly
19 Glynn Road, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
21 Glynn Road, Padstow –  Dog friendly & parking
42 Dennis Road, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
7 Glynn Road, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
6 Dennis Road, Padstow – Parking
Jasmine Cottage, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
Estuary View, 26 Egerton Road, Padstow – Parking
5* Gold Award
Coote Cottage, Padstow – Parking permit
Hillside, Padstow – Parking permit
Pandora House, Padstow – Parking
Sanderlings, Padstow – Parking

Sleeping up to 7
2 Oak Terrace, Padstow - Dog friendly
4* Gold Award
Grove House, Padstow – Dog friendly

Sleeping up to 8
22 Egerton Road, Padstow – Parking
The Slate House, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
3* Gold Award
23 Treverbyn Road, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
10 Church Lane, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking

4* Gold Award
18 Dennis Road, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
5 Ruthys Lane, Padstow  – (Sleeps up to 6 adults & 2 children) Parking
Flinders, Padstow – Parking
Polbrea, Padstow – Parking
The Look Out, 5 Glynn Road, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
42 Treverbyn Road, Padstow – Dog friendly & parking
5* Gold Award
21 New Street, Padstow – Parking permit
Blue Waters, Padstow – Parking
Ruskin House, Padstow – Parking

Sleeping up to 9
68 Church Street, Padstow – Parking

Sleeping 12+
4* Gold
Chapel Lodge, Padstow – Parking